Welcome to Undredal – in the middle of the World Heritage area

Along the fjord between Flåm and Gudvangen, a mere ten minute drive from the former, you find the distinctive and beautiful village of Undredal. Travelling down the valley you will discover a small village where the houses lie close together, that is most famous for its stave church and the white and brown goat’s cheese “Undredalsosten”, the Undredal Cheese. Undredal Stave Church was built around 1147, and was first mentioned in a church letter from around the year 1320. The village shop is open all year through and also incorporates postal services. The shop is a popular meeting place in the small village, which despite its size has an extensive social calendar. Up until the opening of the new road and tunnel from Flåm in 1988 Undredal was significantly more isolated, and travel was only possible by boat. The road has played a big part in the development of the village and remains a big part of a vibrant community where importance is placed on both the development of new industry as well as looking after the qualities found within the World Heritage status. 

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Visit Undredal Amongst other things Visit Undredal can offer a visit to the museum “Eldhuset”, where you can experience displays centred on the art of cheese making and the process of maturing the cheese. Eldhuset also offers programmes relating to local traditions, the utilisation of the local landscape in the past and in the present, and information about UNESCO and the World Heritage status of the Nærøyfjord. Eldhuset is open between the 1st of May and the 30th of September, or by prior arrangement. Only a few yards away from Eldhuset you can find the local shop “Undredalsbui” where you can purchase the local white and brown goat’s cheese, cured goat sausage, souvenirs and more. Visit Undredal also offers accommodation, with apartments and a campsite available.

For more information about Eldhuset, shopping, accommodation and more visit their webisite, (mostly Norwegian, booking information available in English.)

Phone number +47 95137403.  E-mail: info@visitundredal.no

Undredal Stølsysteri - You can find the relatively new business Undredal Stølsysteri in the middle of the World Heritage area. They are the first goat’s cheese making dairy in Norway to gain full authorisation to offer their white and brown goat’s cheese for sale throughout Europe. Their cheese is produced without stealing the milk’s best qualities through pasteurising. Cheese making and the village of Undredal shares a strong bond, and the three families behind the cheese making dairy are proud to be part of a European tradition where the quality of the cheese is not just evaluated in relation to technical elements, but in relation to the welfare of the animals, the quality of the soil, selection of plants and pastures. 

More information can be found on their website (Norwegian only)

The Guesthouse «Gjestestova» - Offers spacious toilet and shower facilities whether you arrive by car, boat, on foot or in a kayak. Gjestestova also offer three attractive apartments to let on the first floor (Undredal Guest House “Gjestehus”).

For bookings follow this link below or contact +4795297668.

Undredal Stave Church - A stave church is a church built of wood, with a framework based around vertical posts. The stave church in Undredal was built in around 1147, and is the smallest stave church in Scandinavia that remains in use. Although the church most likely hasn’t always been in the same place, and despite several restorations, a lot of the original building remains.

The church is open for guided visits between the 1st of June and the 10th of August, or by prior arrangement. Both guided visits to the church as well as a guided tour of the village that finishes up at the church are available for booking.

Visit their website for more information, or e-mail post@undredal.no to make a booking.

You can also like Undredal Guideservice on Facebook.

Undredal Ungdomslag (community organisation) – A local branch under Norway’s Ungdomslag, based in Undredal, in the municipality of Aurland. Undredal Ungdomslag organises a lot of different activities and social events. You can find their Facebook page here: Undredal Ungdomslag (Norwegian only).

Undredal Tredreieri (Wood turners) – Edvin Flåm resides on the first farm when arriving at the village by car. Using wood Edvin creates the most beautiful pieces in his workshop. Offering a wide variety of travel mugs, bowls and jars as well as other items, you will find many a product that would make a wonderful gift or competition prize. All items are handmade from locally sourced wood.

Phone number: +47 95278225.

E-mail: edvin.flam@alb.no. Read more and view pictures on the website  (Norwegian only).

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Erna Underdal Skarsbø - Erna is a 4th generation farmer and cheesemaker at the family farm of Underdal. Her goals include preserving the art of and traditions relating to cheese making, in addition to carry on the traditions and knowledge that were passed to Erna from her mother, Lovise Underdal. At the summer farm of Langhuso Erna produces and sells brown goat’s cheese, goatskins and cured goat sausage that is produced at the “Evanger pølsefabrikk” (sausage factory) from the meat of the farmer’s own goats.

Erna welcomes visitors to her summer farm to sample the cheese and for a taste of history.

Visit Erna on Facebook

Ystebui – This is a shop run by Pascale Baudonnel that offers goods for cheese making. They deliver cultures, cheese moulds and other cheese making equipment throughout Norway. Ystebui took over the sale of such equipment from “Norsk Gardsost (they amongst other things work to improve the framework within which small scale milk producers work)” in 2009. Most of the merchandise is sent via post, but if giving reasonable notice it is possible to be served in Undredal. Orders should be sent to ystebui@gardsost.no and orders are shipped on Tuesdays. Visit their website for further information, and to view a pricelist (Norwegian only.) 

Underdølen – “Underdølen” is a magazine published twice a year. The magazine contains news about the village and its vicinity as well as information about upcoming activities and social events.

You can enquire about subscriptions by e-mailing post@undredal.no

The cost of the magazine is NOK 100 for people that reside in Undredal and NOK 150 for people that reside anywhere else in Norway.


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