Walks, hikes and organized runs

The high mountains remain important areas of recreation, and they are utilised in summer as well as in winter with activities such as skiing, hiking, hunting and fishing available. The fjords are just as popular and are frequented by kayaks, canoes and rowing boats.

The area offers a range of excursions ranging from easy walks to day long outings and longer trips, and both the World Heritage Park and the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) have marked out lovely walking routes. In addition to these there is a range of easily followed paths leading to summer farms, often incorporating wandering in the mountains, delving further into the areas.

Whilst the option to explore has its greatest scope within spontaneous walks, there are some structured hikes organised every year.


Nature’s own vantage points situated in the World Heritage Park area

  • The view from Prest in Aurland
  • The Stegastein rest area on the mountain road ‘Aurlandsvegen’ between Aurland and Lærdal
  • ‘Beitelen’, the mountain that divides the Nærøy- and the Aurlandfjord.
  • ‘Bakkasundet’ in the Nærøyfjord
  • The Glacier ‘Fresvikbreen’
  • The view from the top of the mountain road ‘Stalheimskleiva’
  •  ‘Bleia’, the mountain between the Aurland- and the Sognefjord 


Structured trips

  • The World Heritage hike via ‘Rimstigen’
  • ‘Kongevegmarsjen’, a walk along the part of the old Bergen-Oslo postal route between ‘Bleiklindi’ and ‘Styvi’
  • Trips organised by the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT)
  • ‘Stigen’ farm and trips
  • ‘Sivle’ farm
  • ‘Dyrdal’ farm
  • ‘Kystled’ Nærøyfjord
  • Boat trips in connection with the ‘Day of the coast’

A selection of beautiful hiking routes

  • The ‘Aurlandsdalen’ valley
  • The construction route ‘Rallarvegen’
  • The historic roads ‘Vindhellavegen’, ‘Seltåsen’ and ‘Sverrestigen’, all three of which are between Husum and Borgund stavechurch in Lærdal
  • Øvsthusdalen’ valley from Stalheim
  • ‘Ljosanddalen’ valley from Mjølfjell
  • ‘Ljosdalen’ valley from Flåm
  • ‘Jonadalen’ valley from Undredal 
  • The road from ‘Engi’ in Fresvik, via the glacier ‘Fresvikbreen’ to the summer farm valley of Fresvik-Jordalen
  • The old summer farm path to ‘Rimstigen’, starting at Bakka in the Nærøyfjord 
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