The World Heritage Park

The Nærøyfjord area, the southern part of the two areas that make up the West Norwegian Fjords, is found in the regional park the Nærøyfjord World Heritage Park. The Park also includes bordering areas and community associations in the world heritage municipalities of Aurland, Lærdal, Vik and Voss. They bring together the different factions in order to encourage a common effort for a sustainable administration of the park area.

Being given a world heritage status comes with a responsibility and an obligation to ensure that the unique values that exist in the area are preserved. People, businesses, associations and organisations, administration and the park management work together so that the natural and the cultural values belonging to the area increase in value and have a positive impact on a further injection of value in the local communities as well as the region as a whole. The relationship between landscape, culture and people is nurtured through hosting skills, unique food crafting and spectacular, environmentally friendly experiences. The developmental work often happens across networks, as an example it may include a qualifications network and the network within an industry, which may contribute towards a new attraction for the region. The world heritage status comes with great possibilities for those who wish to create communities that are both involved and full of life, and the park administration play a central park in making that happen.

The World Heritage Park was created as a foundation in 2008 by Sogn of Fjordane County and the municipalities of Aurland, Lærdal, Vik and Voss. The organisation is led by a board, but it has a day to day administration and field support that work on concrete projects and measures within the park’s primary areas of commitment; the primary industries, nature and culture based industry, be a conveyer of information for the area, developing local hosting skills and education, administration of the cultural heritage and landscape, facilitating travel and strengthening a local common identity and brand. The park administration prioritises utilising their resources for well thought out collaborative projects that create a positive effect for its partners and others.

The information booklet for the Nærøyfjord World Heritage Park can be found here.

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