The Value Creation Programme


The Nærøyfjord World Heritage Park participate in state programmes in relation to cultural and natural heritage. Both of these programmes focus on protecting the heritage through sustainable use and the expanding concept of the creation of value that includes financial, social, environmental and cultural aspects.

Value creation within cultural heritage

The Nærøyfjord World Heritage Park was accepted into the Value Creation Programme for Cultural Heritage in 2007, and is one of 11 participants in a pilot project.

It is important to utilise the cultural heritage of an area in order to develop a vibrant local community and also in order to use it as a resource to add value to local industry. This is something which is mentioned in the Norwegian governmental white paper “Living with Cultural Heritage”, a report which was accepted the same day that it was put forward, in February of 2005. Several measures were put in place as a result of the report, one of which was the Value Creation Programme within the area of cultural heritage, which was created by the now Ministry of Climate and Environment and the Directorate for Cultural Heritage.

The goal of the programme is to utilise both items and areas of cultural heritage in order to develop local communities and industry, and to develop a framework for cooperation between owners, rights holders, representatives from the public sector, museums and voluntary organisations.

The Cultural Heritage Fund “Kulturminnefondet” has at its disposition funds earmarked for restoration projects in the areas within the Value Creation Programme and that fall within the goals set out in regard to value creation. The World Heritage Park is in a position to help further deserving applications for funds, from amongst others the Cultural Heritage Fund. In such instances projects that focus on the good of the general public will be prioritised.

Phase 1 of the programme has now concluded.

Value creation within Natural Heritage

Local projects that utilise the natural heritage to create value creation within regions is supported by the government through the “Natural Heritage as a Value Creator” programme, which was established in January of 2009. The Nærøyfjord was accepted as one of ten main projects in May of the same year. The project is titled “The Value of Creation Takes Place Through Meetings”, and it closely follows the vision, goals and pledges of the World Heritage Park.

The overall goal of the project is to strengthen the opinion that World Heritage has and is of a particular value to each and every person. This will be achieved through the following subprojects:

  • Maintenance as a leading factor in the creation of value
  • Interpretation (information, dissemination, hosting)
  • “An Online Fjord Centre” An internet portal to the fjords, the Park’s website.
  • Courses in how to become a “bygdevert”, a village host.
  • Dedication to the development of paths and trails
  • Product development
  • The subproject The Sustainable Nærøyfjord


The main goal of the programme is to contribute to the conservation area and other valuable areas of nature becoming important resources in community development, as well as improving cooperation within the conservation areas.

In connection with phase 1 of the Value Creation Programme, which the Park was a part of, the Directorate for Cultural Heritage created films of the different projects, and the film made about the Nærøyfjord World Heritage is below:


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