restaurering nedbergo-foto Gry Mørk

The cultural heritage as a foundation for the creation of value in the area has a high priority, both for the park as an organisation and the park’s partners.

The World Heritage Park’s participation in the value creation programme of the Directorate of Cultural Heritage and the Ministry of Climate and Environment within the cultural heritage area provided a good framework for working with cultural heritage. It provided the park with better opportunities to contribute towards carrying out restoration projects that had potential for value creation. The world heritage status itself has also brought with it specific opportunities to conserve the cultural heritage within the world heritage area through the governmental grant scheme “Grants for Cultural Heritage on the World Heritage List”.

Up until this point the park organisation has primarily been involved in the restoration of buildings as well as trails and roads of cultural value. The Nilsa Marta-boathouse at Bakka, which was a part of the original sea-crofter’s hamlet Borgastrondi, was the third restoration project that the World Heritage Park got involved in.

The Park has its own park administrator that works within the cultural heritage field. The role of the administrator is amongst other things to contribute towards the development and quality assurance of restoration projects; projects that involved several parties and which may benefit the whole community in one way or another. Working with these types of projects can be very challenging. As an example the park can open doors to the government, organise surveying, contribute in regards to designing applications for finance as well as taking on the responsibilities of managing projects.

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