Økoringen Vest

Økoringen Vest, which translates as the Ecoring West is a membership organisation for farmers and others in Sogn og Fjordane that have an interest in and want to promote organic farming.

The purpose of Økoringen Vest is to offer guidance and act as a consultant and researcher for their members. The organisation also offers educational material to promote organic agriculture, in other words an environmentally and resource friendly agriculture which prioritises the quality of products and a fertile earth without the use of artificial fertilisers and synthetic pesticides.

In later years ØV have also focused on developing local foods, especially organically produced food.

ØV was established in 1988 and now consists of approximately 130 members and 90 associated members. The association has one employee and has its office space in Kaupanger.  http://okoringenvest.nlr.no

ØV is affilitated with “Norsk Landbruksrådgiving (NLR)”, the Organisation for Norwegian Agricultural Advice. Along with other advisors that work within organic agriculture, they are behind the paper “Økologisk Landbruk” which translates as organic agriculture. http://okologisklandbruk.nlr.no

ØV works closely with the Sogn School of Organic Agriculture and Horticulture (SJH) Oikois (Organic Norway) West. ØV and Oikos West also share a website:  www.fjordvett.no 

Unfortunately all of the above links lead to information in Norwegian only. 

Sivle Gard

Sivle Farm, where nature and culture goes hand in hand.

Amongst the high mountains and deep valleys of Stalheim, the hostess invites you into the kingdom of famous Norwegian poet and novelist Per Sivle. This is the area in which the poet found his inspiration and spent his childhood years, and it is now part of the world heritage listed area the West Norwegian Fjords. On the farm of Sivle you can enjoy a spectacular surrounding, seasoned with stories, poems and songs. You can enjoy tasty, homemade traditional foods, where many of the commodities are produced on the farm itself. The hostess at Sivle Farm does everything she can to ensure that her guests have pleasant and real experiences.

Contact information:                                         

Postal address:

Brandsetvg. 50

5713 Vossestrand

Address to visit in person:

Sivle, Stalheim

5713 Vossestrand

Contact person: Randi Engelsen Eide

Phone number +47 957 832 74

E-mail: randi@sivlegard.com

Visit Flam

Visit Flåm take a holistic approach to tourism and has as their philosophy that culture, nature and the service concepts in the area must be in a sort of union in order to give customers the best experience possible.

Visit Flåm set up travels and powerful experiences in Flåm and the surrounding area. The modern tourist expects a taste of what makes a region unique shown in an inspiring, well presented and efficient way. This is in addition to comfort, food experiences and service of the highest order.

Visit Flåm, or Flåm AS as the Norwegian company name is, is a daughter company of Aurland Ressursutvikling (resource development) AS and is owned by the municipality of Aurland, the property holding company SIVA Eiendom Holding AS and the local bank Aurland Sparebank.

Their offices and customer centre is found in Flåm.

Contact information:

Phone nr: +47 57 63 14 00   -   info@visitflam.com 

Haugen Gardsmat

Haugen Farm Foods, or Gardsmat as it is called in Norwegian, produces homemade food based on tradition, quality and a partnership with the nature. They have faith in the feature of the market as a producers of quality products where tradition and innovation works together to create new and excited courses.

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