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Haugen Gardsmat

Haugen Farm Foods, or Gardsmat as it is called in Norwegian, produces homemade food based on tradition, quality and a partnership with the nature. They have faith in the feature of the market as a producers of quality products where tradition and innovation works together to create new and excited courses.

Visit Undredal

Undredal Display Centre, the smokehouse Eldhuset

The display centre has displays about cheese making and the maturing process of the cheese.

The centre offers different programmes incorporating local traditions, utilisation of the landscape then and now and about the Nærøyfjord and the UNESCO world heritage status.

The programmes include a tasting menu with local cheeses and other traditional foods.

Opening times: 1st of May – 30th of September (or by prior appointment)

(Groups of a minimum ten people, programmes must be booked in advanced)

For more information search Visit Undredal.

Indre (Inner) Sogn Coastal Association

Offes rentals of Sognebåt boats in the Nærøyfjord and the Amlabukta bay.

- A nostalgic and environmentally friendly activity

If you are looking for an alternative and reasonably priced fjord activity, you can rent a Sognebåt in the world heritage fjord of the Nærøyfjord and the bay of Amblabukta in Kaupanger. The Sognbåt is a good, old-fashioned wooden boat with two pairs of oars.

You can also order reasonably priced accommodation in a cabin, apartment or camping along the fjord.

Contact Indre Sogn Kystlag, or Coastal Association as it translates as, to rent a boat and for any accommodation needs you may have.

They are open throughout the summer months.

Phone number: +47 970 30 828

Njardar Vikinglag

Njardar Viking Association was established in 2003. The association covers Sogn and the inner parts of Hordaland, with its base being in Gudvangen. Their purpose is to create a social fellowship and encourage handcrafts connected to the history of the Vikings. The association also organises teaching of Norwegian cultural history and courses within different historical subjects. In addition to this the association visits museums and events throughout Europe. The main purpose of the association is to arrange the yearly Viking Markets in Gudvangen which take place in the middle of July. The association has approximately 100 members.

The name “Njardar” means “devoted to Njord” who is the Norse God of affluence and trade. Njardarfjordr was the original name for the Nærøyfjord.

You can find Njardar Viking Association on Facebook.

Contact the Chief: Phone +47 928 62 928

Contact the chairman: Phone: +47 971 10 791

Undredal Grendalag og Bygdeutvikling

Undredal Village Council is the resident’s association for the village as well as a meeting place for conversations between everyone in the village that wishes to get involved in some way in their local community and developmental work.

The village council are behind the magazine “Underdølen” which is published twice yearly.

The village council rents and runs the meeting and activity rooms in the old schoolhouse.

The village council along with the community organisation Undredal Ungdomslag organises the Goat’s Cheese Festival which takes place every other year.

The village council are also behind the restoration of an old boathouse in Undredal.

Contact information:

Undredal Grendelag

Postboks 33

5747 Undredal


Undredal Bygdeutvikling AS

The purpose of this company, whose name translates as village development, is to develop activities and infrastructure that encourages enjoyment and industry development in the village.

The company works closely with the village council to administer the publication Underdølen, the park maintenance in the village, clearing of paths, the management of the cultural landscape along the fjord and the kayak camp at Stokko. Another important activity is the guided village walks and visits to Undredal Stave Church.

Undredal Village Development has also financed and built the service building and guesthouse “Gjestestova”, which holds camping facilities as well as three apartments that adhere to high standards.

Their latest accomplishment is the decorating of a local “World heritage house” in Gjestestova.

Contact information:

Undredal Bygdeutvikling AS

Postboks 33

5746 Undredal



Undredal Stave Church:

Website information available in Norwegian and English.


«A modern general store» that supplies the locals with the most important items needed for daily life. For visitors the shop is an exciting treasure trove, which obviously also offers for sale the local white and brown goat’s cheese as well as the cured goat’s sausage. There are plenty of souvenirs to purchase as a reminder of your visit to Undredal.

  • A general store that sells farm foods:
  • Brown and white goat’s cheese
  • Cured sausages and other farm foods (local specialities from large parts of the country)
  • Delivers these foods to shops, hotels and restaurants
  • Online shop which sells local farm food products
  • Close to parking and the pier


Sognefjord Næringshage


Sognefjorden Næringshage is a company that works with entrepreneurs and industry in the region. They work mainly within tourism, food and technology. Their businesses are generally found in Indre (inner) Sogn.

They can be contacted in Aurland or Sogndal:

Sognefjorden Næringshage AS
Postboks 27, 5741 Aurland
Telephone nr +47 918 03 942

Sogn Næring AS
Fosshaugane Campus
Trolladalen 30 6851 Sogndal
Telephone nr: +47 416 37 034


Østerbø Fjellstove

The mountain resort Østerbø Fjellstove is found 820m.a.s.l. close by the lake of Aurdalsvatnet in the valley of Aurlandsdalen and serves as the perfect starting point for both short and long hikes in the beautiful valley. The mountain resort has roots going as far back as the 17th century, with buildings and remains of slotted buildings from the 1740s. 

Fresvik Grendalag (Village Association)

Fresvik Bygdelag, or Village Association, is a voluntary organisation for the people of Fresvik. The organisation does its best to initiate local development and measures to increase the enjoyment of the area. The association owns a café on the pier in Fresvik. The association has had their focus on the pier area the last few years, they took the initiative to set up a corporation that purchased the shop building, upgrading the pier area as well as setting up a campground for kayakers. The association also produces a monthly magazine.

The contact person for the board in 2015 is Anne Marie Bøtun Øyri, telephone number +4748255179

Flåm Oppleving

Jorunn Heggdal grew up in Flåm and she runs a small business that offers accommodation and serves food in a smokehouse in the world’s most beautiful fjord scenery. Jorunn is a village host and shares her knowledge about history and local culture with visitors.

Jorunn has a background in local history, cultural management and cultural heritage knowledge from the University College in Sogndal; she is quite knowledgeable about the local nature and cultural heritage. As an example this is conveyed through the food serving in the smokehouse Eldhuset. It is the intention that the guests can hear, see, smell and taste when they visit Flåm.

Jorunn herself points out;

“In order to be a good host for my guests, I need to be knowledgeable about our home. That’s what makes meetings between people valuable.”

Accommodation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Flåm Oppleving, or Experience Flåm as it translates as, is found 150metres away from Håreina Station which is on the Flåm Railway Line. The business offers two well equipped apartments which include a kitchen, a living area that includes seating and a bath with a shower and a washing machine. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all served in the smokehouse by prior arrangement. All reservations are done via

The Smokehouse Eldhuset                                                                                                                                                                                                              Eldhuset offers a short travelled breakfast, lunch or dinner, including bread from a wood burning stone oven and plenty of tasty, locally produced food.

Food Serving and a Meeting Place                                                                                                                                                                                                         The smokehouse is a great place for small parties, or if you need a nice, warm place to enjoy a nice conversation. If you want to celebrate something with your friends and family, dinner is made in or around the stone oven.

Contact information:

Jorunn Heggdal

Flåm Oppleving

Flåm, N-5743 Flåm


Telephone: +47 91 52 33 94

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