Visit Sognefjord

The Sognefjord is in the middle of Fjord Norway, and with its 204km (126.8miles) length it is the longest fjord in Norway. It is also the deepest fjord in the world, with a depth of 1300m at the deepest, the mountains around it reaching heights of over 1700m.a.s.l. In 2004 National Geographic named the Nærøyfjord as the “World’s greatest untouched travel destination”. 

Sognefjord has several spectacular branches that stretches between steep mountains and leads to small and idyllic villages. One of these fjords is the Nærøyfjord, which is inscribed onto UNESCO’s World Heritage List. One of the most spectacular boat trips in the area is a fjord cruise with a ferry from Gudvangen to Kaupanger on the world heritage fjord the Nærøyfjord.

Along the Sognefjord you find the Jotunheimen National Park, the Jostedalsbreen Glacier National Park and the Breheimen National Park, which are amongst the largest and most famous national parks in Norway. There are also plenty of beautiful walks and hikes to choose from in every single village by the fjord.

In the Sognefjord you find five of the oldest stave churches in the country. Borgund Stave Church is most well-known, whilst Urnes Stave Church is the oldest and is inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

The Sognefjord has a lot to offer. It is the longest fjord in Norway, and it also has the most to offer with the Flåm Railway Line, the glacier Jostedalsbreen, the mountainous area of Jotunheimen, the Rallarvegen road (“rallar” meaning someone who works in road construction, especially railways, “veg” meaning road), the UNESCO listed Urnes Stave Church, the local food, the valley of Aurlandsdalen, the Glacier Centre, RIB trips, the Wild Salmon Centre, the UNESCO fjord cruise, kayaking, the trails, experiences close to the fjord and accommodation with a view of the fjord. There is also a motor park, a deer farm, a water park, fjord paddling, and family trips on the glacier, museums, shopping, play parks and much more for the younger members of the family. 

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