Visit Flam

Visit Flåm take a holistic approach to tourism and has as their philosophy that culture, nature and the service concepts in the area must be in a sort of union in order to give customers the best experience possible.

Visit Flåm set up travels and powerful experiences in Flåm and the surrounding area. The modern tourist expects a taste of what makes a region unique shown in an inspiring, well presented and efficient way. This is in addition to comfort, food experiences and service of the highest order.

Visit Flåm, or Flåm AS as the Norwegian company name is, is a daughter company of Aurland Ressursutvikling (resource development) AS and is owned by the municipality of Aurland, the property holding company SIVA Eiendom Holding AS and the local bank Aurland Sparebank.

Their offices and customer centre is found in Flåm.

Contact information:

Phone nr: +47 57 63 14 00   - 

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