Aurland Primary and Secondary School (ABU)

Aurland Primary and Secondary School has approximately 150-160 students in the 10 grades, grades 1-7 being the primary and 8-10 being the secondary grades. The school has the only secondary school in the municipality.

The school emphasises a variation of approaches to work and it has a well worked out entrepreneur plan called “Levande Skule”, which translates as living or vibrant school. One of the main goals is for the students to develop their local identity and help give the municipality a sustainable development. Through this plan the students get to know the villages, fjords, valleys and mountainous areas in the municipality through their own experiences.

The most well-known of trips undertaken by the school are part of the curriculum and includes a train ride and hike in the valley of Flåmsdalen, a hike from the mountain village area of Finse through the valley of Aurlandsdalen, ending up in the village of Vassbygdi, a cycling trip along Rallarvegen (“rallar” meaning someone who works in road construction, especially railways, “veg” meaning road), a boat trip on the Nærøyfjord and a walk along the old royal postal route from Bleiklindi to Styvi. 

Across the road from the primary and secondary school you find Sogn School of Organic Agriculture and Horticulture (SJH) which the students visit regularly from the first grade onwards.

When in the sixth grade, the students go to camp in the village of Dyrdal, their main living quarters being in the old school building there. During this trip the students literally live in the middle of world heritage.

The school is fully dependent on its local community in order to continue their activities. As already mentioned, the school works closely with SJH,  they also work with the Nærøyfjord World Heritage Park, the local bank Aurland Sparebank, Eco Vannkraft (hydro power) and Aurland Mountain Board along with several other local businesses which support the school in different ways.

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