Almabukti Grendalag

Amlabukti village council is a village council for the area surrounding Amlabukti in the municipality of Sogndal. The area incorporates amongst others the hamlets of Øvre (upper) and Nedre (lower) Amla as well as “Old Kaupanger” which consists of the main farm Kaupanger Hovedgaard, Kaupanger Stave Church and Kaupanger ferry quay.

The task of the village council is to work for the main interests in the area, including physically, culturally, economically and socially.

Amongst other things they want to prevent and completely put an end to environmental pollution all around in order to ensure that the area remains a pleasant area in which to stay and live.

The village council is a cooperative body/common voice in cases that affects the members of the council in relation to the municipality and other public and private institutions.

The village council participated in the county governor’s village development programme during 2008-2010. Good coordination between municipal planning, public grants and a lot of voluntary work has amongst other things led to refreshing of the ferry quay and the area surrounding it. 

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