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Fjordsafari-Flåm Guideservice

Fjordsafari RIB boat trips.

Guided activities outdoors such as walks, bike rides and team building activities combined with experiences focused on local food.

Number of employees: 20

Year established: 2000

Flåm Guide Service AS – Fjordsafari offers guided RIB boat trips through the spectacular UNESCO world heritage area in the Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord. These branches of the Sognefjord offer the views of an extreme, dramatic and beautiful nature with steep mountains, narrow fjords, majestic waterfalls and a vibrant wildlife. 

The company also offers guided walks with local tour guides, visits to seasonal farms which include sampling local food, bike trips along the famous Rallarvegen road (“rallar” meaning someone who works in road construction, especially railways, “veg” meaning road), trips to the viewpoint Stegastein in Aurland as well as other guided experiences in the local area.


In addition to the company’s daily trips they do their best to offer activities tailored to every guest and group.


During the winter the company offers experiences such as the Winter Fjord Safari which stops in Undredal and snowshoe walks around the viewpoint at Stegastein and at Vatnahalsen by the Flåm rail line. They also offer packages which include local food and accommodation.

Guiding is offered in Norwegian and English.

Fjordsafari is the highest ranked attraction in Flåm by Tripadvisor. They offer daily trips from February through to December.

Contact details:

Benedicte Elisabeth Stedje, Marketing and Sales,
May Lene Steinheim Lunden, Managing Director,

Erna Underdal Skarsbø

Erna Underdal Skarsbø is a fourth generation farmer and cheese producer at the family farm of Underdal. Her goal is to preserve the traditions and art of cheese production, and to carry on the knowledge given to her by her mother Lovise Underdal. Lovise learned the art from an old milkmaid in the Arnafjord during the 1930s, a woman who had received a gold medal for her cheese.

The farm has produced the traditional Underdal Cheese continually throughout these four generations. The cheese production is based on the milk production of approximately 80 goats. Erna makes and sells “Brimost”, the brown goat’s cheese, which is still produced in a traditional manner at the summer farm of Langhuso. When at the summer farm Erna welcomes guests who wish to taste or buy the produce or hear about the history of the farm and life at the summer farms.

The Brimost from Sogn have received a Slow Food presidium. 

Aurland Turlag

Aurland Walking Association- The association that walks

Aurland walking association organises walks throughout the year from fjord to mountain. During the autumn and spring their Wednesday hikes are especially popular. There are shorter walks that take place during the evening, and they often take place in the different villages. They also offer a Children’s Walking Association which organises play and fun, walks and outdoors activities for children up to the age of 13. 

Aurland Primary and Secondary School (ABU)

Aurland Primary and Secondary School has approximately 150-160 students in the 10 grades, grades 1-7 being the primary and 8-10 being the secondary grades. The school has the only secondary school in the municipality.

The school emphasises a variation of approaches to work and it has a well worked out entrepreneur plan called “Levande Skule”, which translates as living or vibrant school. One of the main goals is for the students to develop their local identity and help give the municipality a sustainable development. Through this plan the students get to know the villages, fjords, valleys and mountainous areas in the municipality through their own experiences.

The most well-known of trips undertaken by the school are part of the curriculum and includes a train ride and hike in the valley of Flåmsdalen, a hike from the mountain village area of Finse through the valley of Aurlandsdalen, ending up in the village of Vassbygdi, a cycling trip along Rallarvegen (“rallar” meaning someone who works in road construction, especially railways, “veg” meaning road), a boat trip on the Nærøyfjord and a walk along the old royal postal route from Bleiklindi to Styvi. 

Across the road from the primary and secondary school you find Sogn School of Organic Agriculture and Horticulture (SJH) which the students visit regularly from the first grade onwards.

When in the sixth grade, the students go to camp in the village of Dyrdal, their main living quarters being in the old school building there. During this trip the students literally live in the middle of world heritage.

The school is fully dependent on its local community in order to continue their activities. As already mentioned, the school works closely with SJH,  they also work with the Nærøyfjord World Heritage Park, the local bank Aurland Sparebank, Eco Vannkraft (hydro power) and Aurland Mountain Board along with several other local businesses which support the school in different ways.

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