Sivle Gard

Sivle Farm, where nature and culture goes hand in hand.

Amongst the high mountains and deep valleys of Stalheim, the hostess invites you into the kingdom of famous Norwegian poet and novelist Per Sivle. This is the area in which the poet found his inspiration and spent his childhood years, and it is now part of the world heritage listed area the West Norwegian Fjords. On the farm of Sivle you can enjoy a spectacular surrounding, seasoned with stories, poems and songs. You can enjoy tasty, homemade traditional foods, where many of the commodities are produced on the farm itself. The hostess at Sivle Farm does everything she can to ensure that her guests have pleasant and real experiences.

Contact information:                                         

Postal address:

Brandsetvg. 50

5713 Vossestrand

Address to visit in person:

Sivle, Stalheim

5713 Vossestrand

Contact person: Randi Engelsen Eide

Phone number +47 957 832 74


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