Njardar Vikinglag

Njardar Viking Association was established in 2003. The association covers Sogn and the inner parts of Hordaland, with its base being in Gudvangen. Their purpose is to create a social fellowship and encourage handcrafts connected to the history of the Vikings. The association also organises teaching of Norwegian cultural history and courses within different historical subjects. In addition to this the association visits museums and events throughout Europe. The main purpose of the association is to arrange the yearly Viking Markets in Gudvangen which take place in the middle of July. The association has approximately 100 members.

The name “Njardar” means “devoted to Njord” who is the Norse God of affluence and trade. Njardarfjordr was the original name for the Nærøyfjord.

You can find Njardar Viking Association on Facebook.

Contact the Chief: georgha54@gmail.com Phone +47 928 62 928

Contact the chairman: run-lyse@live.no Phone: +47 971 10 791

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