Erna Underdal Skarsbø

Erna Underdal Skarsbø is a fourth generation farmer and cheese producer at the family farm of Underdal. Her goal is to preserve the traditions and art of cheese production, and to carry on the knowledge given to her by her mother Lovise Underdal. Lovise learned the art from an old milkmaid in the Arnafjord during the 1930s, a woman who had received a gold medal for her cheese.

The farm has produced the traditional Underdal Cheese continually throughout these four generations. The cheese production is based on the milk production of approximately 80 goats. Erna makes and sells “Brimost”, the brown goat’s cheese, which is still produced in a traditional manner at the summer farm of Langhuso. When at the summer farm Erna welcomes guests who wish to taste or buy the produce or hear about the history of the farm and life at the summer farms.

The Brimost from Sogn have received a Slow Food presidium. 

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