Foreninga Lærdalsmarknaden

A Historical Market Place


The Lærdalsmarknaden (Lærdal Markets) association arranges three markets on a yearly basis: the Lærdal Markets (the third weekend of June), the Autumn Markets (the last weekend of September) and the newcomer, the Christmas Markets (the second last weekend of November). Lærdal’s roots as a historical marketplace go back hundreds of years. The centre of Lærdal, Lærdalsøyri took over the as the market place in Indre (Inner) Sogn from Kaupanger which hosted the “Lusakaupangen” markets during the Middle Ages. Although it’s impossible to date it accurately, it is known that markets were taking place in Lærdal during the 16th century. This is known due to an official order issued in 1596 that states that the markets were to last eight days and take place eight days after Michaelmas (29th of September). Lærdalsøyri was in an ideal location to host markets, being a natural hub between east and west. The ancient road went from the fjord and east over the Langfjelli Mountains going inland.


The Lærdal Markets in their original form were stopped by order of the king on the 20th of April 1876, but in 1982 local enthusiasts and voluntary associations in Lærdal restarted the ancient market traditions. The markets still take place outside in the middle of the old collection of wooden houses that Lærdal has been lucky enough to preserve. Whilst the items on offer and ways of travel have changed, the exchange of goods, entertainment and interactions between people remains at the centre of the markets. It is estimated that approximately 25,000 people attend one or more of the three yearly markets in Lærdal, and they come from places like Sogn, Valdres, Hallingdal, Voss and Hardanger, there is even an increase in visitors from Bergen that have discovered the value of visiting the beautiful and fruitful municipality of Lærdal.

If you want to visit the markets as a guest or as a seller, you can find more information on the markets’ website (Norwegian only).

(Photographs by J.C.Jerving, Jon E Tamnes and Hanne Stedje, Sogn avis)


Øybøen Hostel

Øybøen Hostel is found on a family farm in Fresvik, just outside of the Nærøyfjord World Heritage Area. The hosts, Knut Olav and Faith, are an international married couple with two children. Here you can experience “hesjing”, a traditional process for drying grass outside, picking raspberries and there are several hiking routes that are easily accessible and the trails are well marked and offer fantastic views across the Sognefjord. The hostel has ten bedrooms, two bathrooms, a communal kitchen, a living room and a small reception with a souvenir shop. A calm atmosphere, fresh air and exciting adventures are waiting for you!


SAKTE (which means slow) is an alliance brand for food and experiences with their roots and loyalty in world heritage.

By buying SAKTE products you contribute to sustainability for settlements, the environment and nature in the world heritage area. 


Huldra Husflid (crafts) and Kunsthandverk (Handcrafts)

Flåmsdalsvegen 45, Lunden in Flåm

A «Hulder» is a mythical Norwegian creature said to be a beautiful woman whose supernatural origins is only apparent through her cow’s tail.

Huldra offers a large selection of yarns, Norwegian and locally produced gifts such as glass, ceramics, silver, hand knitted articles and other textiles.

Opening times: Tuesday and Thursday 11AM- 5PM, Saturday 11AM-3PM.

Opening hours are extended in the summer seasons.  

Green Norway

Green Norway offers locally centred food experiences in the spectacular landscape of the Sognefjord area.

They work with local farms and their menu is built upon the use of produce from these farms. The company loves nature, an active lifestyle and real food, and their wish is to share their passion with others.

Their barbeque food and crêpe with a local twist have become very popular. They can be found in the apple garden at Flåm Camping and at a street food location found centrally in the Flåm Square. The company also offers catering for meetings and family parties.

Visit them and enjoy tasty food and a lovely atmosphere in beautiful surroundings!

Visit Sognefjord

The Sognefjord is in the middle of Fjord Norway, and with its 204km (126.8miles) length it is the longest fjord in Norway. It is also the deepest fjord in the world, with a depth of 1300m at the deepest, the mountains around it reaching heights of over 1700m.a.s.l. In 2004 National Geographic named the Nærøyfjord as the “World’s greatest untouched travel destination”. 

Sognefjord has several spectacular branches that stretches between steep mountains and leads to small and idyllic villages. One of these fjords is the Nærøyfjord, which is inscribed onto UNESCO’s World Heritage List. One of the most spectacular boat trips in the area is a fjord cruise with a ferry from Gudvangen to Kaupanger on the world heritage fjord the Nærøyfjord.

Along the Sognefjord you find the Jotunheimen National Park, the Jostedalsbreen Glacier National Park and the Breheimen National Park, which are amongst the largest and most famous national parks in Norway. There are also plenty of beautiful walks and hikes to choose from in every single village by the fjord.

In the Sognefjord you find five of the oldest stave churches in the country. Borgund Stave Church is most well-known, whilst Urnes Stave Church is the oldest and is inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

The Sognefjord has a lot to offer. It is the longest fjord in Norway, and it also has the most to offer with the Flåm Railway Line, the glacier Jostedalsbreen, the mountainous area of Jotunheimen, the Rallarvegen road (“rallar” meaning someone who works in road construction, especially railways, “veg” meaning road), the UNESCO listed Urnes Stave Church, the local food, the valley of Aurlandsdalen, the Glacier Centre, RIB trips, the Wild Salmon Centre, the UNESCO fjord cruise, kayaking, the trails, experiences close to the fjord and accommodation with a view of the fjord. There is also a motor park, a deer farm, a water park, fjord paddling, and family trips on the glacier, museums, shopping, play parks and much more for the younger members of the family. 

Styvi Gard

The farm of Styvi has no road connection and is found by the Nærøyfjord. It is known for being the endpoint of the Kongevegsmarsjen – The Old King’s Road Walk, which takes place every year and starts at Bleiklindi. The farm also has an old farm museum.

They also have what might very well be the smallest post office in the world.

Veteranskipet Stavenes

DS Stavenes was built for the company Fylkesbaatane in Sogn og Fjordane in 1904 and had a schedule from then until 1972 when it was sold to England. In 1934 Stavenes was rebuilt in order to become the first car carrying vessel to travel the Sognefjord. Stavenes spent a lot of time travelling the tourist route Flåm- Gudvangen. In 1991 the boat was brought back to Norway in order to be restored. After many hard years, the boat has received a new lease of life and soon travellers will once again be able to travel on Stavenes, which will be the oldest and most beautiful of its kind to travel along the Norwegian coast. 


Management of natural resources;

  • Is to know the nature areas, what is here, what is unique?
  • Is to find the values, is there something here we need to look after?
  • Means assessments and choices in regards to value, what can the ecosystem handle, what is the cost to the community in regards to taking care of it?

The answers to these questions are found by going out and having a look. Bring along a biologist with an insight into Ecology and find out what she can tell you, and what advice she can offer.

The goal of SBNatur is to provide the term sustainability with some real content.

- Siri Wølneberg Bøthun


Siri Bøthun Naturforvaltning


6896 Fresvik

+47 97514784


Njord is an activity based business, owned and ran by enthusiasts. They offer kayak trips and kayak rentals from their base in Flåm. Their trips last from three hours to eight days. The shorter trips have daily departures during the season whilst the overnight trips have regular departures throughout the season.

Njord are very preoccupied with traceless travel, and as a result they encourage activities that promote this.

Booking e-mail:

Booking phone number, Njord in Flåm: +47 913 26 628

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