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«Gaute Gneis Får eit Oppdrag» (translates as Gaute Gneis on a Mission)

gaute gneis

 This book is a fantasy filled story about the geology which lies at the base of the world heritage status of the West Norwegian Fjords. Author: Merete Løvoll Rønneberg, Illustrations by: Berit Barlaup.

Rock types, minerals, rivers and glaciers come alive through the story about Mother Mantel, the Mountain Folk and Gaute Gneis. The book may spark a child’s interest in nature, geology and the elements that have helped shape the landscape that surrounds the fjords, as the author seamlessly braids facts with fiction in a way which simplifies the educational material whilst at the same time encouraging curiosity.

Conveying what world heritage is all about has since day one been a large part of the work done by the Geirangerfjord branch of the world heritage area the West Norwegian Fjords. “Gaute Gneis on a Mission” is the first in a series of books about world heritage aimed at school age children.

The book has also been dramatized by the creative students at Flåm Primary School.

This book is currently only available in Norwegian.

Price: 248 NOK

opptur nærøyfjorden

«Opptur Nærøyfjorden» - 88 hikes around the world heritage fjords

opptur nærøyfjorden

The book «Opptur Nærøyfjorden» takes you on 88 adventures in the world heritage area in Indre (inner) Sogn, covering the area between Vik in the west to Lærdal in the east and the Sognefjord in the north and Voss in the south. This area has some of the most beautiful fjord scenery in the world. Experience the wild and breath-taking nature as well as the rich cultural history found by the Nærøyfjord and the Aurlandsfjord, in the valleys of Flåmsdalen and Aurlandsdalen, as well as by the glacier of Fresviksbreen and the mountain of Bleia.

All of the routes have been marked out on aerial photographs and are accompanied by a detailed review of the hike itself. The book consists of 86 hikes, as well as a bike ride and a paddling trip through the municipalities of Aurland, Lærdal, Voss and Vik.

This is the fifth publication in the popular «Opptur» series of books. Earlier books detailed the counties of Sogn og Fjordane (2005), Hordaland (2007), The Geirangerfjord (2009) and the mountainous area of Jotunheimen (2009). The books collectively offer 849 hike reviews from trips in sceneries that show the very best of what Norway’s nature has to offer.

Author: Tom Dybwad. Photographer: Finn Loftesnes.

This book is only available in Norwegian.

Price: 398 NOK

World Heritage in the Nærøyfjord

verdsarv nærøyfjorden

A wonderful publication consisting of wild and beautiful Western Norwegian sceneries, now inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Author: Tom Dybwad. Photographer: Finn Loftesnes.

The Nærøyfjord in Sogn, alongside the Geirangerfjord in Sunnmøre are found on UNESCO’s World Heritage List collectively as the West Norwegian Fjords. The area in Sogn consists of a landscape ranging from fjords to mountain tops and well known villages such as Stalheim, Gudvangen, Undredal and Flåm. The incredibly steep scenery includes waterfalls that throw themselves down the mountainsides, one of the things which provide the hundreds of thousands of tourists that travel the fjord via boat yearly a memory for life. This book consists of photographs in enlarged formats, with the text provided in both Norwegian and English.

Price: 398 NOK

NB: This book is no longer in production and the Park has less than a pallet of books left. As a result, this is the last time this book will be available for purchase. 

The Nærøyfjord

Nærøyfjorden bok

The Nærøyfjord and the landscape which surrounds it was inscribed onto UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2005. The list consists of the areas of nature in the world which are deemed the most unique and worthy of conservation.

Every year more than 300 000 people travel inwards through the narrow fjord surrounded by its incredibly mountains and high waterfalls. Johs. B. Thue takes us on a journey through this remarkable landscape – through the past as well as the present, and through summer as well as winter. The author speaks of how the fjord landscape was shaped, the fjord as a path of travel and the lives of the people who call the area home. We are introduced to Vikings as well as goat farmers, poets and fiddlers. He also lets us sample locally produced foods such as goat’s cheese and smoked salmon. The book includes maps and plenty of illustrations.

The book is available in both Norwegian and English.

Price: 149 NOK


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