Fresvik is a small, beautiful village in the municipality of Vik, and is found on the south side of the Sognefjord.

Fresvik has a population of approximately 270 where a majority of the citizens are of an advancing age, whilst at the same time the birth rates of latter years have been low. Thankfully the village has experienced an influx of people, especially from backgrounds other than Norwegian. A “Future Workshop” was organised in the village, which gathered a lot of interest. As the village experiences more people moving there, it is likely it will see a domino effect and a reversal of the departure trend amongst locals.  

Fresvik is an agricultural village. Most of the farms keep livestock, often in addition to fruit and berry farming, whilst some farms are committed fully to the latter. The road to Vangsnes was finished in 1976, and Fresvik Produkt (website in Norwegian only) was established in 1980. The company produces tailor-made insulation panels and is today the largest employer in the village, with a staff of approximately 50 people. The sheltered housing facility Fresvik Bygdeheim is also an important employer. Fresvik has both a nursery school and a primary school. 

The village comes to life during the summer. In addition to the many seasonal workers that travel to the village, it also experiences high numbers of both Norwegian and foreign tourists. The beautiful scenery is one of the main attractions, and the high mountains which encircle the village on three sides make for great hiking terrains, in summer as well as in winter.

The last weekend of July sees a rock festival being arranged on the farm of Skau. The ”Fres-fesivalen” festival has showcased many artists both from Norway and abroad, something which has made it a tempting destination for many a festival goer. The weekend of the festival really does make the village come alive!

In the middle of the village you find the outstanding sports field Modig stadion. During the summer you can play football, whilst in winter the field is turned into an ice rink. One of the largest events organised in Fresvik is the Mensen Ernst Memorial Run, which draws people to the village every summer. As for extracurricular activities the village has a 4-H Club, a music school and a school band, it also has a women’s exercise group and the availability to play ball games in the gym hall. The adolescents also have their own youth club, run by the high school students themselves. Fresvik even has a summer café by the pier; a beautiful place to spend the summer evenings!

Fresvik also has a very active village association (Norwegian only), and there is a monthly magazine published detailing some of the news from and events taking place in the village.  


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