When it comes to the developmental processes that the World Heritage Park looks to encourage in regards to actual work carried out, the need for sound knowledge is great. The Nærøyfjorden World Heritage Parks works closely with research institutes and Sogn og Fjordane University College in regards to both knowledge and course development.

What remain most important in the eyes of the World Heritage Park are their contributions to developing expertise at a grassroots level. Developing the local hosting roles and an ability to convey the local nature and cultural heritages are very much at the centre of this. “The Forum for Interpretation” is a collaboration between the Nærøyfjorden World Heritage Park and Aurland Nature and Cultural Heritage (ANKA). The first significant result of this collaboration is the “Becoming a Village Host (‘bygdevert’)” course.

The Nærøyfjorden World Heritage Park has held several courses in order to encourage the development of local expertise in the area, amongst others these have been regarding; signposting and clearing of trails, the restoration of buildings, courses in wall construction, hosting skills courses and workshops in geology for nursery and school teachers. The Park has also arranged guided trips in the world heritage nature focused on subjects such as geology, biology and the cultural landscape.

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