The Uphill Race Klondyke Opp

The Uphill Race Klondyke Opp

Saturday the 3rd of September sees the Uphill Race Klondyke Opp arranged for the third time!

Come and experience the country’s first vertical kilometre! The trail to the top of Klondyke offers fresh air and a challenging and unique experience. The event starts at Een, approximately 5km (3.1miles) north of the centre of Voss. The trail is 3.6km long (2.2miles) and has a vertical rise of 1000metres to the mountain top Klondyke (1090m.a.s.l.), close to the more famous mountain of Lønahorgi. The trail has an incline of 28%. The trail itself as well as the top offers an exquisite view of the village of Voss and the surrounding area. Take on the challenge, and become part of the most vigorous hike of the year along with several other mountain and exercise enthusiasts!

Storehaugen Uphill Race

«Storehaugen opp» is an uphill race in Lærdal. The race starts at the Skulevegen/Sjukehusvegen junction, at 7m.a.s.l. The first 300meters follows the road Sjukehusvegen east on RV5 before starting the climb up to the mountain Storehaugen, ending up at 908m.a.s.l.

The path to Storehaugen goes through both deciduous and coniferous forest along the ridge of Eriåsen to the trig point at 908m.a.s.l. There are no water sources along this trail, or at the top of Storehaugen, thus participants are encouraged to bring their own drinks.

The trail is 3.7km (2.3 miles) and has an average incline of approximately 25%.

Interesting trivia about the place names along the trail:

It was common practice to name the different places along the trails to the summer farms, especially the viewpoints. Some of the names are connected to old resting places; others came about as the result of an incident that took place there.

The list below features some place names with brief descriptions between Sviggum and the end of the race:

‘Nedre Seklepp’  (50m.a.s.l.): This was the first place in which the water could be seen on the road to the summer farms. The Norwegian word ‘nedre’ in this instance means lower, whilst ‘Seklepp’ is a combination of the two words ‘se’ – to see and ‘klepp’ – slightly elevated place.

Gygrefoten/«Jygrefoten»: Named so after the footprint of a ‘gyger’, a female troll.

Øvre Seklepp (115 m.o.h):  ‘Øvre’ means upper.

Harasiglet (235 m.o.h): The name may have come about as a result of someone who has been out when it has been slippery and has glided (‘sigla’) down the smooth mountain rock.

Krokabakkane (430 m.a.s.l.): A common milestone for 9 individual farms.

Skirset (510 m.a.s.l.): Old spring farm or mowing fields. ‘Skir’ means clean and the name may have derived from Skirset having had the only clean source of water in the area. The water source is no longer being properly maintained and thus it is not drinkable. Skirset is the approximate halfway point and there will be a drinks station here.

Svinakleivi (700m.a.s.l.): Even pigs had to come along to the spring and summer farms in the yesteryears of agriculture. ‘Svin’ means pig and perhaps this point is named as it is because a pig had an unfortunate incident here once.

Vetlehaugen (750 m.a.s.l.): ‘Vetle’ means little whilst ‘haug’ is a dome shaped rise in the terrain, such as the top of a hill. 

Halvfardekkene (770 m.a.s.l.): This name indicates that you are halfway on journey to the summer farm; this is where the animals were left to rest and graze.

Kattuglegalden (850 m.a.s.l.): Right below it you find ‘Kattuglegjelet’, a place both steep and narrow and impossible to get to. From here you have a wonderful view looking up the valley.

Storehaugen (908 m.a.s.l.): Wonderful viewpoint – see Lærdal from the air! Storehaugen used to be a beacon used to notify people there was civil unrest or a war going on.

All the information on this page was taken from the webpages of Storehaugen Opp and you can read more about the race on their site (link).

Storehaugen Opp will be arranged for the 7th time on the 14th of May 2015

Stalheimskleiva opp- Upphil Memorial Race

“Stalheimskleiva Opp” is an uphill race in the municipality of Voss, organized by Stalheim Landscape Park and Voss Oppturar (highs). The trail starts in the valley of Nærøydalen at a height of 125m.a.s.l. and finishes at Stalheim Hotel, 450m.a.s.l.

If you’d like to attempt the treble, you can participate in the uphill race, the roller ski race and the bicycle race going up the steepest state road in Norway, with a rise of 280metres. You can participate in one, two or all three of the races and you are free to use any type of bicycle or pair of roller skis.

The race is part of “Voss Oppturar Cup”. 

Stalheimskleiva Opp in 2015 takes place on Thursday the 14th of May.

Registration for the competitive classes closes on Tuesday May 12th, and the different classes may be viewed here (Norwegian only). The bicycle race, and thus participation in the treble, is limited to 30 spaces so early registration is encouraged.

Registration Stalheimkleiva Opp-Uphill Race (link) can be made online from April 1st.

Late enrollment can be made by e-mailing gudmfuru@gmail.com or by calling (+47) 40476414. Remember to include your year of birth.

Entry fee should be paid to account number: 3578.16.14872

Information can be obtained from: Gudmund Furu tel. (+47) 40476414

E-mail: gudmfuru@gmail.com

More info about the Stalheimskleiva Opp-Uphill Race can be found here

The Mensen Ernst Memorial Run

The Mensen Ernst memorial run is arranged yearly in the village of Fresvik, in memory of the long-distance runner Mensen Ernst (1795-1843). He was born in Fresvik, in the municipality of Vik, and given the name Mons Monsen Øyri. He started his working life as a sailor, but he gained fame as a professional long-distance runner.  Ernst began his career in sports in 1818, finding work in London as a ‘pedestrian’, someone who participated in runs, often in front of an audience. The first of his longer runs came in the following year when he ran the 116km (72 miles) from London to Portsmouth.

Ernst was one of the best long distance runners the world has ever seen; he was also one of the first professional athletes from Norway. He remains most famous for the longer runs he took on, especially a 14 day run in 1832 from Paris to Moscow(2500km, approximately 1554 miles, as the crow flies) and a later run of 59 days from Constantinople (now Istanbul) to Calcutta and back again (more than 9000km/5600miles). Although a lot of people claim that Ernst’s achievements were impossible, there’s evidence of him having arrived at several stops along his runs as well as at his final destinations, a stark indicator that the man who came from Fresvik really was an astonishing athlete.

Mensen Ernst died from dysentery in Africa in 1843, whilst on a mission to find the source for the river Nile. He was buried on the banks of the Nile, and his grave is most likely underneath one of the Aswan dams.

Arrivals and the start of the run will be at Modig Stadium in Fresvik in Sogn and the turning point is at the waterfall Huldafossen in the world heritage area of the Nærøyfjord. Approximately 1/3 of the run is on tarmac, whilst the rest of the course is split between gravel and a path that’s in good condition.

There is also a run tailored to children.

The sports club IL Modig are the organizers of the Mensen Ernst Memorial Run and more information about the run can be found on their website (Norwegian only)

The World Heritage Hike

The World Heritage Hike is organized yearly by Bakka Village council alongside collaborators and it takes you from Bakka to Dyrdal in the Nærøyfjord.
The hike itself offers an incline of 1300metres over a distance between 15 and 20km (9-12.4miles). Throughout the journey you are treated to a view of the most beautiful mountains world heritage has to offer, the icing on the cake quite possibly being the breath-taking view from the mountain ‘Breidskrednosi’.

The hike takes place during the first Saturday in August, in 2015 that means it will be on August 1st.

All participants will receive a diploma of participation.
Hiking route: Start at Bakka School → Rimstigen → Skarsvotni → Breidskrednosi → Dyrdal

E-Co Rimstigen Opp 2015

An amazing uphill race from Bakka in the Nærøyfjord, to Rimstigen 725m.a.s.l.

  • This year’s race takes place on the 25th of July.
  • Parking in Gudvangen. There will be a free bus operating between Gudvangen and Bakka (approximately 5km/3.1miles each way), starting at 9.30am.
  • Starting times: casual category; 10-11am, competitive category; 12.30pm (children age 12-14 start at 12.20pm).
  • Participation fee competitive category: 250NOK (this includes a one off competitive license fee). If you are paying a yearly competition license, you can get a refund by following the below link:https://response.questback.com/norgesfriidrettsforbund/tilbakebetalinglisens/
  • Participation fee casual category: 100NOK.
  • Payment should be made to account number 3745 30 41108 at registration, please bring a receipt on the day.
  • The deadline for registration for the competitive category is the 24th of July. Participants in the casual class may register up until the start of the race.
  • The competitive category class divisions are as follows: age 13-14, age 15-17, age 18-22, age 23-35, age 35-39 etc.
  • There are no dressing rooms, but there are toilet facilities. The organizers would however recommend a refreshing splash in the fjord after the race.
  • There will be both warm and cold food sold. All participants receive free Powerade.
  • Prizes: There will be a money price for the best three women and men, in addition to this there’s a bonus for achieving a trail record. There is a prize for participation, as well as a prize for winning the individual age classes and raffle prizes.
  • Trail race record men: 25.00 minutes (Øystein Sylta)

Trail race record women: 29.20 minutes (May Britt Buer)

The class for 13-14 year olds start ten minutes before the remainder of the competitive classes. This is to abide by regulations set by the Norwegian Federation for Athletics (NFIF).

Registration opens on the 1st of May

 Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/RimstigenOpp?fref=ts

Questions can be direct towards Olav Terum on mobile number: +47 994 14 496, e-mail:olav3112@hotmail.no

Aurland turlag organized hikes 2014

Aurland Turlag (hiking society) – The walking society

Aurland Hiking Society organizes walks throughout the seasons, from the mountains to the fjords. During the spring and autumn the organized walks on Wednesdays remain very popular. There are shorter walks organized in the evenings, often alternating between the different villages in the area. In addition to Aurland Hiking Society, there is a Children’s Hiking Society, which organizes lots of fun walks and open air experiences for children up to the age of 13. 


The traditional walk Aurlandsmarsjen takes place in the valley of Aurlandsdalen and goes from Østerbø (800m.a.s.l.) to Vassbygdi (50m.a.s.l.).

Hiking trail:
The hiking trail Østerbø-Sinjarheim-Vassbygdi is approximately 19kilometres long (11.8miles) and takes 5-6 hours to complete. The path is of good quality and the walk is of medium difficulty.

Admission is at Stålring’s shooting lodge, by the bridge. All participants receive a diploma of participation and prizes are awarded upon completing the hike 5, 10, 15 and 20 times.

Kongevegsmarsjen- The Old King’s Road Walk


Kongevegsmarsjen (Directly translates as ‘The King’s Road March’) goes along the beautiful Nærøyfjord from Bleiklindi to Styvi. The walk is an easy wander of about 5.5km (approximately 3.4 miles, taking an hour and a half) along parts of the old royal postal route between Bergen and Oslo. The walk is arranged yearly by Styvi Farm Museum alongside their collaborators.

This year’s (2015) Kongevegmarsjen will take place on May 31st.
Styvi farm is situated on the eastern side of the Nærøyfjord, and has been populated since the days of the vikings. Keeping farm animals has been the main livelihood for generations, but it has in the past also been a government subsidised travel- and postal farm. The farm was opened as a farming museum in 1993, boasting a large collection of tools and furnishings.

Attractions between Styvi and Bleiklind:
‘Galden’ is a small and steep area where the road lies on walls of rock going into the water.

- On ‘Klungrenes’ you can find an old hay barn, here they used to mow the grass for hay, harvest leaves from birches, collect hazelnuts and chop wood for barrel hoops.

- Odnes was part of the mowing grounds of Styvi.

-On the other side of the fjord you can see ‘Breiskreda’, the light colour of the mountain (anorthite) means that the location of the mudslide of 1983 is still apparent.

- When you get to Holmo the landscape opens up. Styvi farm had mowing grounds as well as their spring farm here. Holmo is also the location of a big cairn from the Bronze Age.  

- ‘Bleiklindi’ is a Small-leaf Lime tree that was designated a natural monument in 1933 as its leaves sprout yellow in spring and its autumn foliage is green.

Other parts of the King’s Road:
There’s another walk arranged on The Old King’s Road from ‘Haugsvik’ to Stalheim’ in the municipality of Voss. This walk is arranged yearly by Stalheim Landscape Park and takes place in the autumn. If you wish to you can also do this walk on your own.

In addition to this, The Old King’s Road between Lærdal and Vang in Valdres was elected the winners of the “Vakre Vegars Pris”(The Beautiful Roads Prize) in 2014.  and a description of the walk along the King’s Road in Lærdal can be found here . You can also follow The King’s Road over the mountain ‘Filefjell’ on Facebook , for updates in regards to the road itself and events connected to the road.

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