Taste Directly

There are several places where you can taste local produce without making prior arrangements. This is especially relevant for small groups of single travellers, whilst larger group should contact the producers beforehand. Also, make sure you visit the producers own pages for more information on opening times and availability.

Skjerdal Stølsysteri og Kafe. Cheese dairy and café, information in Norwegian only.

Erna Underdal Skarsbø Farmer and cheese producer in Undredal, information is available in Norwegian and English.

Rallarrosa Stølsysteri  The cheese dairy sells cheese and offers simple farm foods in the valley of Flåmsdalen, information is available in Norwegian, English and German.

Underdalsbui, The local grocery shop in Undredal offers you the chance to taste and purchase the local cheese as well as other local food. Information available in Norwegian only.

Marianne Bakeri og Kafe, Bakery and Café, focused on local food and the use of organic produce. Information in Norwegian only.

Kort og Godt i Lærdal This establishment both serves and sells local food from the region. Information available in Norwegian only.

Green Norway,  Serves and caters with a focus on local produce. Information available in Norwegian only.

Vik Ostebar. «Cheese Bar», sales outlet for different products from the dairy Tine. They also offer filled rolls and a cheese platter. Information available in Norwegian only.

Ægir Brewery and Resturant. Found on the pier in Flåm, information is available in Norwegian and English.

Bakkastova Kulturkafe («Culture Cafe)  in Flåm. Information available in Norwegian only.

Flåm Marina.and Apartments. Information is available in Norwegian and English.

Vangsgarden Guesthouse in Aurland. Information is available in Norwegian and English.

Store Ringheim.  Hotel and restaurant, information in Norwegian and English.

Taste to Order

There are a multitude of local producers in the world heritage park area; some make their produce to sell themselves, whilst others sell through other outlets. There are also several places where you can order a tailored food experience or order local food.


 Sivle Farm (information available in Norwegian and English) 

Eldhuset Undredal, offers traditional food as well as displays centred on local food and tradition.

Skjerdal Stølsysteri og Kafe (Cheese dairy and café, Norwegian only)

Li Gardstun (Farmyard)

Stigen Farm (information in Norwegian only)

Flåm Oppleving (information available in Norwegian and English)

Midt-Ljøsne Gard i Lærdal (information in Norwegian only)

Smalahovetunet på Voss (experience the local speciality, sheep’s head, information in Norwegian only) 

Brandseth Fjellstove (mountain cabin, information available in Norwegian and English)


Haugen Gardsmat (farm food, information available in Norwegian only)

Undredal Stølsysteri. (cheese dairy, information available in Norwegian only)

Rotfesta. (information available in Norwegian only)

Alm Farm (information available in Norwegian, English, German and Dutch).  (farmfood)


Other sales outlets for local produce: 

The Farm Shop at Sogn Jord og Hagebruksskule (Sogn school of Organic Agriculture and Horticulture).  (Some information available in English and German)

Brimost from Sogn- A Slow Food Presidium

In 2005 Brown Goat’s Cheese from Sogn, or Brimost as it is called locally, became the first Norwegian product that received a Slow Food presidium. These presidia are comparable to the European Union and Norwegian brands for protected produce, although the Slow Food criteria are often stricter.

Since 2005 several Norwegian products have received a Slow Food presidium, these are; Stockfish from the Isle of Sørøya, Cured and Smoked Herring from Sunnmøre, Villsau (wild) Sheep,  Baccala From Møre og Romsdal,and Pultost from the Oppland and Hedmark Counties.

All of the above links lead to information in English.

The brown goat’s cheese is made from unpasteurised milk. The cheese is made by boiling down the whey which is left ofter after producing the traditional white goat’s cheese.

List of producers of Brimost in the municipality of Aurland:

Undredal Stølsysteri. (Norwegian only)

Erna Underdal Skarsbø.

Rallarrosa Stølsysteri. (Norwegian, English and German text available)

Sogn Jord- og Hagebruksskule. (Some information available in English)

Skjerdal Stølsysteri. (Norwegian and English available)

In Undredal they arrange a Goat’s Cheese Festival  during the last weekend of July every other year. 

Brimost from Sogn, a local Goat Cheese speciality became a Slow Food Presidia i 2005, watch the following short movie to learn more about the cheese, and why it is in fact brown. 

You can also download a map showing where  the producers of this speciality are located.

There has also been a short documentary produced about Brimost from Sogn: 

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