The Uphill Race Klondyke Opp

Saturday the 3rd of September sees the Uphill Race Klondyke Opp arranged for the third time!

Come and experience the country’s first vertical kilometre! The trail to the top of Klondyke offers fresh air and a challenging and unique experience. The event starts at Een, approximately 5km (3.1miles) north of the centre of Voss. The trail is 3.6km long (2.2miles) and has a vertical rise of 1000metres to the mountain top Klondyke (1090m.a.s.l.), close to the more famous mountain of Lønahorgi. The trail has an incline of 28%. The trail itself as well as the top offers an exquisite view of the village of Voss and the surrounding area. Take on the challenge, and become part of the most vigorous hike of the year along with several other mountain and exercise enthusiasts!

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