The Gamalost Festival

The “Gamalost” (literally means old cheese) Festival in Vik takes place at the end of May on a yearly basis. The festival was created in order to celebrate the local speciality, Gamalost, as well as keep a tradition filled and viable food culture alive. Vik Dairy is the only dairy in the country that produces Gamalost, and the village has a long tradition of producing the cheese. Gamalost from Vik can be purchased all over the country, and in Vik it can also be enjoyed at the cheese bar “Ostebaren” which is run by the dairy Tine.

Gamalost is a delicacy with a thousand year old tradition. The cheese is produced from skimmed milk during a process that takes 14 days. The name is slightly misleading in the sense that the process itself is one of the shortest in regards to cheese making. The cheese is made without added salt and sugar, contains more than 50 % protein and only 1% fat. The cheese is also good for cholesterol.

The Gamalost Festival in Vik has a varied programme which spans several days and you can experience amongst other things:

·      The historical play Guhaugspelet

·      Seminars

·      Concerts

·      Dances

·      Markets with focus on local food, art, handcrafts and traditions and exhibitions linked to Vik.

·      The traditional Gamalost Breakfast

·      The high jump event “Høgdegalla”


More information is available through the Festival’s website (Norwegian only).

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