The Day of the Fjord

Every year the Indre (Inner) Sogn Coastal Association celebrates the Day of the Fjord (centrally named the Day of the Coast) during the weekend closest to the 9th of June.

The Indre Sogn Coastal Association is an organisation under the Coastal Federation, which work towards maintaining the traditions of as well as promote the cultural values along the coast and on the fjords. The day is marked by using the traditional “Sognebåtar” boats as well as other traditional boats on the fjord, creating value and organising activities for people of all ages in Indre Sogn.

The Indre Sogn Coastal Association has as its goal to conserve the traditional usage of boats, boathouses and quays in and around the Sognefjord. The usage of rowboats is at the centre of an outdoors lifestyle by the fjords and on the coast that is based on culture.

In Aurland the Day of the Fjord is arranged in partnership between the Indre Sogn Coastal Association, the Children’s Walking Association in Aurland, Aurland Walking Association, NJORD Kayaking, and SNO (The Norwegian Nature Supervision Agency).

(Photographs by: Kristoffer U. Hansen and Indre Sogn Coastal Association)


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