Taste to Order

There are a multitude of local producers in the world heritage park area; some make their produce to sell themselves, whilst others sell through other outlets. There are also several places where you can order a tailored food experience or order local food.


 Sivle Farm (information available in Norwegian and English) 

Eldhuset Undredal, offers traditional food as well as displays centred on local food and tradition.

Skjerdal Stølsysteri og Kafe (Cheese dairy and café, Norwegian only)

Li Gardstun (Farmyard)

Stigen Farm (information in Norwegian only)

Flåm Oppleving (information available in Norwegian and English)

Midt-Ljøsne Gard i Lærdal (information in Norwegian only)

Smalahovetunet på Voss (experience the local speciality, sheep’s head, information in Norwegian only) 

Brandseth Fjellstove (mountain cabin, information available in Norwegian and English)


Haugen Gardsmat (farm food, information available in Norwegian only)

Undredal Stølsysteri. (cheese dairy, information available in Norwegian only)

Rotfesta. (information available in Norwegian only)

Alm Farm (information available in Norwegian, English, German and Dutch).  (farmfood)


Other sales outlets for local produce: 

The Farm Shop at Sogn Jord og Hagebruksskule (Sogn school of Organic Agriculture and Horticulture).  (Some information available in English and German)

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