‘Ekstremsportsveko’ is the largest combined sporting and music festival of its kind. It’s arranged yearly in the municipality of Voss, in the county of Hordaland. Amongst other things the weeklong festival, which focuses on extreme sports, offers competitions within kayaking, rafting, mb-bmx, skydiving, climbing, BASE and longboarding. For an entire week national, as well as international, athletes meet to challenge themselves and each other in the different sports on offer.

The week isn’t just about sport and competition for its participants, it has become a meeting place for the different sports and it gives the participants the opportunity to learn from each other. Although the sports remain the main focus of the week, over the years music has grown to become a bigger and more important part of Ekstremsportveko, and thus an important factor in experiencing the festival. For the final three days of the festival you can see performances from national and international artists from genres such as pop, rock, funk and reggae. 

The festival is organized by “The Ekstreme Voss Foundation” which is made up of Voss Rafting Club, Voss Kayak Club, Voss Hang and Paraglider Club and Skydive Voss.  

Every year, 300-400 volunteers arrive from all over the world to help with the festival. Their contribution is a big part of what makes the festival a success. 

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