Storehaugen Uphill Race

«Storehaugen opp» is an uphill race in Lærdal. The race starts at the Skulevegen/Sjukehusvegen junction, at 7m.a.s.l. The first 300meters follows the road Sjukehusvegen east on RV5 before starting the climb up to the mountain Storehaugen, ending up at 908m.a.s.l.

The path to Storehaugen goes through both deciduous and coniferous forest along the ridge of Eriåsen to the trig point at 908m.a.s.l. There are no water sources along this trail, or at the top of Storehaugen, thus participants are encouraged to bring their own drinks.

The trail is 3.7km (2.3 miles) and has an average incline of approximately 25%.

Interesting trivia about the place names along the trail:

It was common practice to name the different places along the trails to the summer farms, especially the viewpoints. Some of the names are connected to old resting places; others came about as the result of an incident that took place there.

The list below features some place names with brief descriptions between Sviggum and the end of the race:

‘Nedre Seklepp’  (50m.a.s.l.): This was the first place in which the water could be seen on the road to the summer farms. The Norwegian word ‘nedre’ in this instance means lower, whilst ‘Seklepp’ is a combination of the two words ‘se’ – to see and ‘klepp’ – slightly elevated place.

Gygrefoten/«Jygrefoten»: Named so after the footprint of a ‘gyger’, a female troll.

Øvre Seklepp (115 m.o.h):  ‘Øvre’ means upper.

Harasiglet (235 m.o.h): The name may have come about as a result of someone who has been out when it has been slippery and has glided (‘sigla’) down the smooth mountain rock.

Krokabakkane (430 m.a.s.l.): A common milestone for 9 individual farms.

Skirset (510 m.a.s.l.): Old spring farm or mowing fields. ‘Skir’ means clean and the name may have derived from Skirset having had the only clean source of water in the area. The water source is no longer being properly maintained and thus it is not drinkable. Skirset is the approximate halfway point and there will be a drinks station here.

Svinakleivi (700m.a.s.l.): Even pigs had to come along to the spring and summer farms in the yesteryears of agriculture. ‘Svin’ means pig and perhaps this point is named as it is because a pig had an unfortunate incident here once.

Vetlehaugen (750 m.a.s.l.): ‘Vetle’ means little whilst ‘haug’ is a dome shaped rise in the terrain, such as the top of a hill. 

Halvfardekkene (770 m.a.s.l.): This name indicates that you are halfway on journey to the summer farm; this is where the animals were left to rest and graze.

Kattuglegalden (850 m.a.s.l.): Right below it you find ‘Kattuglegjelet’, a place both steep and narrow and impossible to get to. From here you have a wonderful view looking up the valley.

Storehaugen (908 m.a.s.l.): Wonderful viewpoint – see Lærdal from the air! Storehaugen used to be a beacon used to notify people there was civil unrest or a war going on.

All the information on this page was taken from the webpages of Storehaugen Opp and you can read more about the race on their site (link).

Storehaugen Opp will be arranged for the 7th time on the 14th of May 2015

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