Stalheimskleiva opp- Upphil Memorial Race

“Stalheimskleiva Opp” is an uphill race in the municipality of Voss, organized by Stalheim Landscape Park and Voss Oppturar (highs). The trail starts in the valley of Nærøydalen at a height of 125m.a.s.l. and finishes at Stalheim Hotel, 450m.a.s.l.

If you’d like to attempt the treble, you can participate in the uphill race, the roller ski race and the bicycle race going up the steepest state road in Norway, with a rise of 280metres. You can participate in one, two or all three of the races and you are free to use any type of bicycle or pair of roller skis.

The race is part of “Voss Oppturar Cup”. 

Stalheimskleiva Opp in 2015 takes place on Thursday the 14th of May.

Registration for the competitive classes closes on Tuesday May 12th, and the different classes may be viewed here (Norwegian only). The bicycle race, and thus participation in the treble, is limited to 30 spaces so early registration is encouraged.

Registration Stalheimkleiva Opp-Uphill Race (link) can be made online from April 1st.

Late enrollment can be made by e-mailing or by calling (+47) 40476414. Remember to include your year of birth.

Entry fee should be paid to account number: 3578.16.14872

Information can be obtained from: Gudmund Furu tel. (+47) 40476414


More info about the Stalheimskleiva Opp-Uphill Race can be found here

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