Nynorske Litteraturdagar

The Nynorske Litteraturdagar festival is a small and intimate literary festival, first arranged in 2006. The festival consists of both famous and unknown participants. Literature, language, music, art and humour are all parts of the yearly cultural event. The aim of the festival is to make it into a bigger yearly cultural event that focuses on Nynorsk literature and language. Its itinerary is built to appeal to audiences of different ages and interests. The festival is created with an aim to have both a regional and national profile, founded on a solid, local base. “The aim is to build up a positive identity, in relation to the use of Nynorsk and dialect”.

From January 2015 1st the festival Nynorske litteraturdagar is run by Nærøyfjord world heritage park.

Although the municipality of Aurland remain the formal owners of the festival, the festival will mainly be organized by the Nærøyfjord World Heritage Park.

Nynorsk/New Norwegian

Like many languages, Norwegian is spoken in many different regional dialects, however it also has two different written languages in bokmål (imagine a Norwegian equivalent to Oxford English) and Nynorsk (imagine it as the language spoken in a thicker, melodic dialect). Whilst the languages are somewhat similar in the way in which they are written, they are different spelling wise, grammatically and the way in which they sound when spoken. Within the World Heritage Area Nynorsk (or new Norwegian) is the it dominant language.


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