Kongevegsmarsjen- The Old King’s Road Walk


Kongevegsmarsjen (Directly translates as ‘The King’s Road March’) goes along the beautiful Nærøyfjord from Bleiklindi to Styvi. The walk is an easy wander of about 5.5km (approximately 3.4 miles, taking an hour and a half) along parts of the old royal postal route between Bergen and Oslo. The walk is arranged yearly by Styvi Farm Museum alongside their collaborators.

This year’s (2015) Kongevegmarsjen will take place on May 31st.
Styvi farm is situated on the eastern side of the Nærøyfjord, and has been populated since the days of the vikings. Keeping farm animals has been the main livelihood for generations, but it has in the past also been a government subsidised travel- and postal farm. The farm was opened as a farming museum in 1993, boasting a large collection of tools and furnishings.

Attractions between Styvi and Bleiklind:
‘Galden’ is a small and steep area where the road lies on walls of rock going into the water.

- On ‘Klungrenes’ you can find an old hay barn, here they used to mow the grass for hay, harvest leaves from birches, collect hazelnuts and chop wood for barrel hoops.

- Odnes was part of the mowing grounds of Styvi.

-On the other side of the fjord you can see ‘Breiskreda’, the light colour of the mountain (anorthite) means that the location of the mudslide of 1983 is still apparent.

- When you get to Holmo the landscape opens up. Styvi farm had mowing grounds as well as their spring farm here. Holmo is also the location of a big cairn from the Bronze Age.  

- ‘Bleiklindi’ is a Small-leaf Lime tree that was designated a natural monument in 1933 as its leaves sprout yellow in spring and its autumn foliage is green.

Other parts of the King’s Road:
There’s another walk arranged on The Old King’s Road from ‘Haugsvik’ to Stalheim’ in the municipality of Voss. This walk is arranged yearly by Stalheim Landscape Park and takes place in the autumn. If you wish to you can also do this walk on your own.

In addition to this, The Old King’s Road between Lærdal and Vang in Valdres was elected the winners of the “Vakre Vegars Pris”(The Beautiful Roads Prize) in 2014.  and a description of the walk along the King’s Road in Lærdal can be found here . You can also follow The King’s Road over the mountain ‘Filefjell’ on Facebook , for updates in regards to the road itself and events connected to the road.

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