E-Co Rimstigen Opp 2015

An amazing uphill race from Bakka in the Nærøyfjord, to Rimstigen 725m.a.s.l.

  • This year’s race takes place on the 25th of July.
  • Parking in Gudvangen. There will be a free bus operating between Gudvangen and Bakka (approximately 5km/3.1miles each way), starting at 9.30am.
  • Starting times: casual category; 10-11am, competitive category; 12.30pm (children age 12-14 start at 12.20pm).
  • Participation fee competitive category: 250NOK (this includes a one off competitive license fee). If you are paying a yearly competition license, you can get a refund by following the below link:https://response.questback.com/norgesfriidrettsforbund/tilbakebetalinglisens/
  • Participation fee casual category: 100NOK.
  • Payment should be made to account number 3745 30 41108 at registration, please bring a receipt on the day.
  • The deadline for registration for the competitive category is the 24th of July. Participants in the casual class may register up until the start of the race.
  • The competitive category class divisions are as follows: age 13-14, age 15-17, age 18-22, age 23-35, age 35-39 etc.
  • There are no dressing rooms, but there are toilet facilities. The organizers would however recommend a refreshing splash in the fjord after the race.
  • There will be both warm and cold food sold. All participants receive free Powerade.
  • Prizes: There will be a money price for the best three women and men, in addition to this there’s a bonus for achieving a trail record. There is a prize for participation, as well as a prize for winning the individual age classes and raffle prizes.
  • Trail race record men: 25.00 minutes (Øystein Sylta)

Trail race record women: 29.20 minutes (May Britt Buer)

The class for 13-14 year olds start ten minutes before the remainder of the competitive classes. This is to abide by regulations set by the Norwegian Federation for Athletics (NFIF).

Registration opens on the 1st of May

 Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/RimstigenOpp?fref=ts

Questions can be direct towards Olav Terum on mobile number: +47 994 14 496, e-mail:olav3112@hotmail.no

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