Cultural Heritage

The Nærøyfjord World Heritage Park has a rich and varied cultural heritage. This is seen in the cultural landscape, unique buildings, hill farms found high up in the terrain, stave churches, traces of travel and hunting contraptions, amongst others. The cultural heritage in the area is a source of rich experiences and offers visitors as well as locals an increased understanding of how the human influence has left its traces on the landscape seen today.

Features that characterise the cultural history of the area:

Hunting in the mountain starting in the hunting communities of the Stone Age until present day.

Using the fjords for travel.


Contact and travel between east and west through the mountainous areas. This originated in the farming community in the Iron Age and has continued until today.

Hill farms high up in the terrain, seasonal and mountain farming.

Progression from a class divided to an egalitarian society.

Shoe production.

Stave churches. 


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