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Managing Director

Erling Oppheim is from Stryn in Nordfjord, a region in the Northern part of Sogn of Fjordane, and was in the past the Agricultural manager for the common agricultural offices ÅLA.

He has been the managing director for The Nærøyfjord World Heritage Park and area coordinator for the Nærøyfjord for West Norwegian Fjords since 2008.

Erling Oppheim
Postal address.:Helabrotet 2A , 5745 Aurland
Tlf work:+47 57 63 29 09
Tlf. mob.: +47 95 17 25 95

Project Manager

Ivar Bjarne Underdal has a past as the mayor of the municipality of Aurland, the chairman of ARU and as a farmer in Undredal.

He also used to be the project manager in the early project «Aurland Nature and Culture Park» which later became the Nærøyfjord World Heritage Park. 

Ivar Bjarne now works as the project manager for «Levande Fjord» (living/vibrant fjords) and the dialogue conferences. He has also spent several years playing an important part in the work of Undredal Village Development. 

Ivar Bjarne Underdal
Postal address: Helabrotet 2A 5745 Aurland
Tlf.: +47 46 96 03 91

Park AdministratorCultural Heritage and Education

Gry Mørk is from Northern Norway and has a background in the cultural sciences. She has worked in the World Heritage Park since 2008 with measures, projects and arrangements connected to the cultural heritage, focusing on conveying information, education and facilitating travel.


                                                                                                                                                                                                  Gry Mørk
Postal address: Helabrotet 2A, 5745 Aurland
Tlf.: +47 95 14 14 38

Project Manager  Nynorske Litteraturdagar

Torunn Todal Laberg is from Årdal and has a in the past worked as a journalist and a teacher. She has been hired by the Nærøyfjord World Heritage Park as a coordinator for culture. Torunn is the project manager for Nynorske Litteraturdagar (a festival that celebrates Nynorsk, one of the official written standards of the Norwegian language), her main responsibilities being planning, project management, implementing the different aspects of the festival as well as raising its profile. Her services are also utilised by the municipality of Aurland, amongst other things to work on a plan for cultural heritage.

Torunn Todal Laberg
Postadr.:Helabrotet 2A t, 5745 Aurland
Tlf.: +47 95 79 59 11

Project Manager Visitor Management

Hanne Lykkja is from Valdres and has an educational background in geography, her experiences being in, amongst other things, agricultural mapping and development projects. She is the managing director for “Naturverkstaden Valdres” (translates as nature workshop).

Hanne has been hired by the park to be the project manager for the visitor management project in the areas around the West Norwegian Fjords. 

Hanne Lykkja
Postal address: Helabrotet 2A, 5745 Aurland
Tlf.: +47 48 27 21 52

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