The Administrative Document

the Statutes

The purpose of the foundation is to co-ordinate the total actions and activities in relation to the world heritage status of the Nærøyfjord area. The statutes of the foundation can be read here


Park plan

“The Park Plan is a long term strategy and action plan which describes the values/vision, challenges and goals of the foundation as well as executive initiatives and measures.

In other words the document aims to serve as a guide for cooperation and as an administrative document for the Nærøyfjord World Heritage Park. The work carried out on this edition of the Park Plan is based on the first edition of the plan from 2009 as well as a thorough planning process. The process began with a meeting in the Work Committee during the summer of 2013. During the autumn of 2013 a plan draft was presented to the municipal councils of Lærdal, Aurland, Vik and Voss. Additionally the main points of the plan were presented to the attendees of the World Heritage Park’s partnership meeting that took place in Gudvangen on the 2nd of October, 2013.

A revised plan was submitted for a hearing to the founders and partners in November of 2013. During the hearing the founders were especially encouraged to submit the document to relevant political bodies for examination. 13 suggestions were made in connection to the hearing, and these were discussed by the Park’s Work Committee on the 16th of December 2013.

The board approved and thus adopted the Park Plan with changes at a meeting on the 8th of January 2014.”


Action plan

“The World Heritage Park’s yearly action and initiatives plan is the result of a process that involves partners, the Park’s board, Work Committee and employees. The Action Plan lays out concrete initiatives and efforts to be made in line with the long term plans put forward in the Park Plan.

The World Heritage Park examined and subsequently approved the Action Plan of 2014 with a gross budget at a meeting on the 8th of January. The document is the foundation for many of the park’s applications for funds that part finance projects and initiatives mentioned in the Action Plan. The Action Plan is a dynamic one and it is updated in line with initiatives and available resources.

The Action Plan is not necessarily the final say in what money is available as a resource from the Park, but the Park aims to contact project owners and keep them orientated as to when resources are made available. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the general manager if they have any questions in relation to these resources.”


The Restoration plan

The culture department at Sogn og Fjordane county council made the following decisions at a meeting for the main Culture Committee on the 23rd of September in 2014:

  • The Restoration Plan for The West Norwegian Fjords -sub area of the Nærøyfjord, should serve as a guide for the county council’s involvement in regards to the conservation and reconditioning of listed buildings in the world heritage area.
  • The Restoration plan should be a guide in relation to the county council’s distribution of funds received from the central government grant chapter 1429, post 79 World Heritage.

The World Heritage Park give their thanks to owners of buildings throughout the world heritage area for their involvement and constructive input throughout the development process of the plan, and it is the hope of the Park that the Restoration Plan will contribute to the completion of many new restoration projects.

The plan is due for revision every five years. 

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